Contributor’s Name: Kim Woods
In choosing the components for my cycle of study curriculum, I considered many elements, but the primary focus I tried to keep in the forefront was my cycle theme, New Beginnings. As an English Language Arts teacher, I wanted a connection with the themes to the readings and writings would we do over the course of the school year. In addition, I wanted my students to develop the ability to apply these to real-world situations they might encounter through their third and fourth planes of development. As a result, I feel like my lesson can address the emotional, physical and intellectual needs of my students. The lessons will help them build a strong sense of community at school and become leaders in their own communities outside of school. In addition, they are designed so that students can explore and feel a sense of success and frustration, because in that frustration is where they will grow as learners and into adults.

Geared Towards sixth,seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Field Studies
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: Decipher and Crack Cods
Seminar Title: How the Navajo code talkers helped win World War II
Group Initiative: One Duck
Project: Wonder Precepts & Quotes
Discussion Topics: Where can the theme of New Beginnings be found in readings? How can the idea of New Beginnings be applied to my life? What areas have I already started a New Beginning this year? What habits, ideas and interests will I begin to develop now that I will carry with me as a life-long learner?
Outside Opportunity: Blooming Butterflies at EdVenture

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