Instructor’s Name: Dawnetta

This cycle is focused around helping students to identify the ways they are stewards of their own life, their community, and their world. In history students learn how the early Americans became stewards of this new nation and how some early Americans (slaves) became stewards over their people by helping them escape to freedom. The final project centers on students learning how to move beyond personal stewardship, community stewardship, and identify areas they can be global stewards of the earth.

Theme: Stewardship

Geared toward ages: 12-15

Kick off

    : Who’s Responsible-Students will learn that is is all of our responsibility to care for the things of our class/earth.

Seminar Title

    : Everyday Use by Alice Walker

Discussion Topics: How can we become stewards within our communities?

Group Initiative: Popcorn Actvitiy

Project: Project Stewardship:Personal Stewardship/Community Stewardship/Global Stewardship

Outside Opportunity: St. Vincent De Paul

Author’s note

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