Contributor’s Name: Matt Volk
We go on a 5-day trip to Washington DC in the Spring with our 7th grade students. Themes include exploration and identity (of a place). Part of the trip is guided/planned by teachers, but several activities each day will be guided/planned by students, making this a relatively student-organized trip. We will study some things for context before heading for DC in our classroom curriculum, including history/government (to make those connections while we’re there).
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Field Studies
Tags: Middle School,Social Studies

Kick off: Compasses
Seminar Title: Chance the Rapper’s Golden Year
Group Initiative: Name Game
Project: NA-this is a field study
Discussion Topics: NA-this is a field study
Outside Opportunity: NA-this is a field study

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Middle School,Social Studies