Contributor’s Name (Your Name): George Michael Hakim

Students will explore the theme of interconnectedness by writing poems, reading poems, holding Socratic Seminar about published poems, and analyzing poems for specific creative writing techniques. They will also go on an Erdkinder program, during which they will read and write thematic poetry.

Theme: Interconnectedness

Geared toward ages: 12-14

    Kick off: Chain Poems and Self Poems
    Seminar Title: I, Too

Discussion Topics: Community, Identity, Connection

Group Initiative: Taboo!

Project: Poetic Analysis, Making a Poetry Book or Pieces of Artwork

Outside Opportunity: Erdkinder at Kroka Expeditions

    Author’s note: This theme corresponds with our Erdkinder experience. If it doesn’t with yours, you’ll need to find a new outside opportunity. The work the students come up with is astounding, though.