Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Scott Pardi

Our community’s second field study of the school year. Focus on local water ecology and Cincinnati’s water treatment and distribution system. This powerful experience includes a meaningful community-building activities, seminars, and service project that will benefit our local watershed systems. There will be two days out of the building and approximately 9 classroom-based support days.

Theme: Water as precious resource. Water activism.

Geared toward ages: Middle school grades 7-8, adolescents

    Kick off: Toxic River Bloom Group Initiative
    Seminar Title: Exploring the public health consequences of Detroit’s water shutoffs

Discussion Topics: Water ecology, water health, inequality, water as a right, water conservation

Group Initiative: Toxic River Bloom (adapted from “Peanut Butter River”

Project: Community Service follows water analysis of local watershed

Outside Opportunity: 2 days outdoors, community canoe, water analysis, watershed conservation project

    Author’s note: Part of larger Water Unit geared towards historical ramifications of water shaping development of Cincinnati. Water Crisis issues. Activism. Stewardship.