Instructor’s Name: Douglas Humes

Students will be able to serve their community by creating a physical change in the neighborhood space they have chosen. Students will develop specific skills and experience throughout the year that will then be applied through action in their community. By collaborating with their team, gathering information from experts, and executing a plan of action students will develop a sense of place in their community through the garden that they have created and will help to maintain.

Theme: Community Service

Geared toward ages: Middle School

    Kick off: Construct Piece to be used in Closing Ceremony
    Seminar Title: Guerrilla Gardening with Ron Finley

Discussion Topics: Urban food desert, causes and remedies.

Group Initiative: Egg Run

Project: Develop skills and knowledge of gardening and then apply them on Guerrilla Day

Outside Opportunity: Field Trip to gather sustainable ideas to apply to garden. Guerrilla Garden Day at selected sites.

    Author’s note: This Field Experience is also included in collaboration with Art Educator under KENT MILLER