Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Becca Prosino

This cycle uses Arduino equipment to teach coding and electrical engineering, while exploring the Power of a Montessori Education and power structures in place in our world, particularly the tech world, the “world of the future”. Empowers students to become budding electronics engineers while exploring issues like lack of diversity in the power structure of our world.

Theme: Power

Geared toward ages: 7th and 8th but applicable for high school too

    Kick off: “The Power of a Montessori Education”
    Seminar Title: “What Really Keeps Women Out of Tech?”

Discussion Topics: Gender and diversity issues, identity, technology, who writes history, who writes the future, Montessori’s biography

Group Initiative: “Unfair” Hot Chocolate River

Project: “Your Own Arduino”

Outside Opportunity: Visit to Arsenal Hill Natural Gas Power Plant