Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Nicole Ramos

This experience is called our “Sustenance Study.” Food is significant. Food can be a controversial topic as well. Around the world, cultures represent their values, their movement, and their lives through the food that they cook, eat and share. When we look at the way that a culture relates to and consumes food, we are experiencing the journey of a group of people. In each bite, we are taking in the history of a group of people.

During Cycle 1 of the school year, students focused on the theme of connections within themselves, with their peers, and within their communities. As we begin Cycle 2, we will be focusing on the theme of systems. In science class, students are studying systems within the human body. In social studies, students are studying how many complex systems of people (cultures) had conflict and came together as a country. In English, they will be melding those two things together, how the body works and their cultures, to think about how food relates to them, how food affects them and how food represents them.

Theme: Systems

Geared toward ages: 7th and 8th grade

    Kick off: Food Quotes
    Seminar Title: Food Justice and Frybread

Project: How can reflecting on my own journey with food help me to be a critical participant in the world?

Outside Opportunity: Learning from local chefs and food professionals