Working together and teamwork are two things that are crucial in our society. The famous Japanese poet, Ryunosuke Satoro, speaks to this when he says, “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” This quote means that alone we can do some things, but when we work together, we can do anything. As we progress through this cycle, be thinking of how you see teamwork and people working together in society.

In our classroom, you will begin to see the importance of working together. The symbol in our classroom that will we use to represent togetherness and working together is the triquetra also known as the Irish knot. This symbol represents three as one and that is what will hopefully happen in our classroom. As we work together in the class, you will begin to not think of yourself as three people working together, but instead you will be one unit working to accomplish a task.

As adolescents, two of your needs are to be able to build a community and to have close relationships with peers. Both of these needs of the adolescent can be satisfied when you work together as a team. You can learn a lot about yourself and others when you work together to complete a task. Hopefully as the cycle progresses, you will begin to see the importance of working together and begin to thrive on that team experience.