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Principal for Public Elementary Montessori School – 2/15/2018

Brockman Elementary in Columbia, SC

Position Summary:
Brockman Elementary School is a public full Montessori Elementary School. Qualified applicants must have Administration Certification and Montessori Credentials and/or successful experience as guide and/or administrator in a Montessori environment.

Contact Person for Inquiries
Candice Wilson

Erdkinder/Math Position –  2/6/2018

Clark Montessori, Cincinnati, OH

Position Summary:

Erdkinder Overview

Clark Montessori is seeking a teacher for our Montessori “Erdkinder” position.  The term Erdkinder (German for “earth” + “child”) was coined by Maria Montessori to capture the concept of how adolescents can learn from and with the natural world, specifically by integrating farm work with traditional core content interdisciplinary studies and work programs.  As a Cincinnati Public School, Clark’s utilizes an “Urban Erdkinder” approach which broadens Montessori’s concept to include understanding one’s place in both natural and urban systems.

Description of Duties:

At Clark, the successful candidate will teach four sections of our Erdkinder elective and one section of math (in the position’s current configuration).  In these courses, the teacher will cultivate the growth of various outdoor learning opportunities:  planting and maintaining various garden beds, maple trees, our hiking trail, and other hands-on learning projects.  Other projects would evolve from student and teacher interests and skills.  The teacher will maintain productive relationships with various local farm-based partners (Gorman Farm, Hamilton County Park Services, the Cincinnati Nature Center, Hyde Park Farmer’s Market, the Civic Garden Center, Tool Bank, etc.)  As currently configured, this position also includes teaching one companion course in high school mathematics.  This teacher will also be responsible for developing and teaching an annual 2-week high school Farm School intersession.  As a key Montessori expert in the school, this teacher should also be prepared to provide consulting and leadership to our whole-school Erdkinder needs, including Peace Education and our various micro-economy programs.

Job Requirements:

Ohio teaching license, including HS Mathematics
Secondary Montessori Credential from a NAMTA-Accredited teaching training program
Minimum 5 years’ experience teaching in a secondary Montessori school
Minimum 2 years’ experience in coaching/leading teachers (preferred)

Contact Person for Inquiries

Dr. Dean Blase, Principal
Clark Montessori School
3030 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Head of School
– 12/11/2017

Fort Collins Montessori School, Fort Collins, Colorado

Position Summary:

Fort Collins Montessori School is seeking a Head of School with demonstrated strong commitment to classic Montessori. FCMS is a public charter school in our 4th year serving 135 children from 3-years-old through 6th grade. When fully developed, we will serve 350 students through 8th grade. The ideal candidate will be a collaborative leader who inspires staff, families and community while embodying the spirit, values, and practices of Montessori education. The ideal candidate will also have experience with school administration, including curriculum oversight, staff supervision and coaching, and budget management. He/she should hold an advanced degree and be able to obtain Colorado State Principal and Administrator licenses.


For the full job announcement, visit


To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to by January 14, 2018 for first considerations; position opened until filled.

Contact Person for Inquiries

John Sanderson


Middle School Program Developer – 12/11/2017

Fort Collins Montessori School, Fort Collins, Colorado

Position Summary:

Fort Collins Montessori School is a public charter school in its fourth year of operations in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado (one hour north of Denver). We currently have 135 students in primary – 6th grade. We are seeking 2 experienced, Montessori trained guides for our developing adolescent program, which will launch August 2018. Please see our full job announcement/description at the link below, and apply accordingly:


Contact Person for Inquiries

Ronnie Estelle