Position Title: Lower Elementary Teacher Assistant
Position Description: LE Teacher Assistant

Contracted: 10 month

Reports To: Lead Teacher and Section Director

Purpose: Reinforce lessons and expectations as presented by the lead teacher using the Montessori Method.


1. All assistants (General Ed., EC, Specials, and Specialists) will adhere to the Sterling mission, vision, guiding principles, code of ethics and standards of behavior as outlined in the Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook.

2. Assistants shall attend any staff meetings, professional development, trainings, parent workshops, and annual open house outside of standard working hours as requested by the Executive Director.

3. Montessori is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child-physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. When situations or conflicts arise with students, adults act as mediators and provide opportunities for conversations, reflection, and learning. Assistants follow the Positive Discipline model and refer to the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) when needing to implement supplemental or intensive support. 4. Responsible for the welfare and safety of students.

5. With guidance from the lead teacher, maintain classroom routines and expectations to develop and ensure a healthy, safe, clean, orderly, and inviting classroom environment (inside and outside).

6. Follow all sanitation procedures for the school.

7. Report all maintenance requests or damage in classrooms, playgrounds, and campus-wide. 8. Complete Incident/Accident reports when necessary.

9. Respond to email communications (within 48 hours).

10. Responsible for completing mandatory trainings by the state or as requested by the Executive Director.

11. Inform lead teacher with concerns or problems as they relate to relations with school, students, parents, or staff.

12. Work with students of various abilities, including those with diagnosed learning differences; follow student IEP, 504, EL, Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP), Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).

13. Participate in all class field trips, including overnights when appropriate to the level, and act in a supervisory capacity. Follow all field trip guidelines as stated in the Employee Handbook (EHB).

14. Respect student confidentiality by not discussing students with anyone other than their families and those faculty and staff members who work with them directly, in accordance with state and federal law.

15. Participate and implement in annual goal setting, evaluation reviews and professional development for career growth. Our work requires being coachable, an ongoing desire to learn, and a sense of egoless-ness.


Two years of college (preferred)
Experience working with children ages 6-9 (preferred)
Experience working in a Montessori setting (preferred)

School Name: Sterling Montessori
School Location: Morrisville, NC
Contact: HR
Email: hr@sterlingmontessori.org

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