Contributor’s Name: Katie Bonomo
Students will utilize cooperative group methods to review, revisit, and refine techniques of algebra and precalculus all while honing their abilities to review and revisit the material from Algebra II and Precalculus courses. Students will demonstrate mastery of the graphs, solving, and simplifying of all algebraic functions. Adolescents need movement and have boundless energy. Throughout this cycle, they will utilize this movement and energy to create connections and build community. They will fulfill their adolescent needs to create solidarity with one another and partake in planning of activities.
Geared Towards tenth,eleventh,twelfth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Math

Kick off: Function Matching. Cooperatively work with one another to match algebraic graphs that have been transformed.
Seminar Title: Limits Schlimits: Exploring New ways to Approach the instruction of calculus. Do you agree or not?
Group Initiative: Fish, Bear, Mosquito. Not a math activity, but nonetheless, one that promotes cooperation, teamwork, and community-building skills.
Project: Review and Practice Lesson. Time for you to teach! You instruct the class by preparing a presentation with a peer on a topic pertaining to algebra II or trigonometry.
Discussion Topics: Why and how do we shift graphs? How do we utilize our mathematical toolbox to solve any trigonometric or algebraic equation? What has been our approach to teaching mathematics? What are its pros and cons? What ought we change?
Outside Opportunity: Visit the Observatory at the Cleveland Natural History Museum. Explore how logarithms and exponents are involved in our studies of the universe and planets.

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