Contributor’s Name (Your Name): John Ploehs

The History, Reality, and Future of Cultural Segregation in CincinnatiIt is the hope of this field experience that we will investigate and explore the various cultures of people who have settled in Cincinnati over the 200 plus years of history of the city including today. Providing insight to the makeup of our current population and the nature of how we interact or don’t interact, where we live, the opportunities available, and the collective attitudes about inclusiveness in our neighborhoods and city. Utilizing essential skills of field study this experience will hopefully make you a better steward of your city and lead us to celebrate and improve our cultural experiences.

Theme: Identity, Movement, Stewardship

Geared toward ages: 14-18

    Kick off: Wealth Allocation Inequality Game
    Seminar Title: How Some Cities Reverse Segregation

Discussion Topics: Segregation, inequity, public policy, compassion

Group Initiative: Who Owns How Much? (The 10 Chairs)

Project: Story Map and Service learning presentation

Outside Opportunity: visit several segregated communities in Cincinnati

    Author’s note: This experience is grounded in awareness and action in regard to inequity and segregation in the Cincinnati Comunities