Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Bryley Murphy

This cycle is designed for a Geometry/Art class. The theme ties together the language of art and geometry into the adolescent finding the own voice, through self-reflection.

The school I designed around is a traditional school with block scheduling. We created a Montessori space by combining an art class with a geometry class (so two teachers, two credits).

Theme: Self Expression

Geared toward ages: 16-18

    Kick off: How I Got an A in GeoArt
    Seminar Title: School Uniforms: Creativity vs. Conformity

Discussion Topics: Self-expression, statistical bias, self-reflection

Group Initiative: Fears in a Hat

Project: Art Show

Outside Opportunity: Trip to the state house

    Author’s note: This cycle is designed to take advantage of an art classroom stocked with art supplies and room to work. Likewise, the Art Show takes place in our school cafeteria.