Contributor’s Name: Maria Chal
A ‘foundation’ is synonymous with providing support for something. A strong foundation of a building helps support the elaborate structure being built on top of it. The foundation of a growing tree is the strong roots that keep it stable as the branches stretch up into the sky. An organizational foundation provides financial support to help improve society and make the world a better place.

High school is a time for building a strong foundation for your future. This foundation includes academic skills, interpersonal skills, and experiences that will help you determine what direction you would like to build or grow. To ensure this foundation is strong, it is important to be both creative and careful in your endeavors.

During this cycle, you will learn the foundational skills you will need to be a successful science student—including observation, critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, evidence-based explanation and collaboration. You will have a chance to explore some of the foundational theories of the physical world, all the way down, the smallest unit of matter, called the atom. These tiny particles and how they interact are the foundation for how we will explore and learn to understand how the physical world works!

Geared Towards ninth,tenth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Science

Kick off: Culture Bricks
Seminar Title: The Making of a Scientist
Group Initiative: Paper Tower Challenge
Project: Design Your Own Experiment
Discussion Topics: What are the foundational skills needed to be a successful student, scientist, human, and community? What are the foundational components of our physical world?
Outside Opportunity: Yellow Springs: Foundational Community Building

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