Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Maureen Mines

Puerto Rico affords the opportunity for trans curricular activities — Spanish language and literature and culture, Puerto Rican culture and literature, environmental studies and living environment, American History and Politics as well as service opportunities — as I told my parents — beaches, a rain forest, a 400 year old walled city and more, all without a passport.

Theme: Puerto Rico Culture and Landscape

Geared toward ages: 12 – 14

    Kick off: Letter to Future Self
    Seminar Title: Puerto Rico’s born-again farmers dig for victory in island’s debt battle

Discussion Topics: Sensory experiences, What makes Puerto Rico American? What work of the hands, heart and mind can contribute to the health of our planet?

Group Initiative: Birthday Line Up

Project: Daily Assignments

Outside Opportunity: TRACE Global Warming in El Yunque

    Author’s note: Looking forward to the trip!