Instructor’s Name: Annie Rodriguez

Most of you have visited Westminster Woods every year since the 4th grade, boarding a bus at Eagle Peak and disembarking in the quiet of the redwood forest. But what do you know of this place? As 7th graders, you are now ready to break out of camp and explore the history and natural wonders surrounding your outdoor classroom, through the lens of sustainable systems. Opportunity will abound for deep connection to nature, the surrounding communities and each other through solo reflection time and group activities. You will dine as a community in a restaurant that has been nourishing people for over 140 years. You may hug a redwood tree that has been nourishing the earth for nearly 800.
You will investigate and provide service to the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Redwood State Park and the towns of Occidental and Camp Meeker while observing the interconnectedness between the natural and manmade world and your place in it. You will document this experience through writing, sketch and photography in a journal, created during the week.

Theme: Sustainable Systems; Leadership; Community Studies

Geared toward ages: middle school

    Seminar Title: I Am a Child of the Soil

Project: Field study journals