Contributor’s Name: Derek Starkenburg
This is an occupation designed around acquiring a campus beehive. Students will begin the work of this occupation by writing a proposal to the administration describing the benefits and relevance of a beehive to our curriculum, community, and our micro-economy. Students explore relevant topics such as chemistry, anatomy, and physics as they learn how bees and humans are similar and different, and as they aggregate the knowledge needed to break ground on obtaining the equipment and resources necessary to do this project.
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Science
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: The Importance of Bees: Can We Live Without Them? (article reading and discussion in groups)
Seminar Title: “From Childhood o Adolescence” by Maria Montessori (selected parts of the Appendices) and “Honeybee Democracy” by Thomas Seeley (introduction).
Group Initiative: The Waggle Dance Game
Project: Written proposal to the administration describing the relevance (and required resources) of having a beehive on campus.
Discussion Topics: How are the social motivations of bees similar to adolescents? Is honeybee democracy similar to human democracy? How do bees benefit the natural and human environment?
Outside Opportunity: Visiting beekeeper expert Justin Maness meets with students and answers their questions about starting a new hive on campus.

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