Our Program

Secondary I-II (ages 12 – 18) Credential

Application Deadlines:
High Residency: May 1, 2022
Low Residency: January 28, 2022 

Interested in earning your Montessori secondary teaching credential?

  • CMStep now offers TWO options to help you meet your goal: a low-residency program and a high-residency program. 
  • Both paths lead to the same outcome: an AMS Secondary I-II credential
  • Both paths utilize in person and online coursework
  • High-residency cohort for 2022 will be CMStep Cincinnati Cohort 17
  • Both  High & Low Res Cohorts will meet in Cincinnati, OH.
  • To Join Low Residency Cohort 2 for in-person summer courses in OH, 2022-23, register and submit payment by June 28th 2022, for a January 30th Start..


Which path is right for you? 

High Residency

In Person training time:
  • 8 weeks, spread over two or three summers (Final summer is always 3 weeks)
  • Fall intensive: Thursday through Monday (5 days)
Online coursework expectations:
  • A digital winter intensive (5 days)
  • Practicum zoom sessions (offered monthly; 3 are required)
  • Two online courses: Mindfulness Fundamentals (required in the fall) and Montessori Overview (a prerequisite; required for anyone who does not already possess a Montessori credential)
  • Montessori Overview online course (40 hours, fully self-paced)
  • Prerequisite readings: 4 books and 9 articles from our website
Application deadline: May 1, 2022

Please call after the deadline to see if space is still available. 

Training begins: June 19, 2022

This is the start of the Orientation for the courses in Cincinnati. 

Low Residency 

In Person training time:
  • 3 weeks, spread over two summers (14 days in summer one, 8 days summer two)
  • Fall intensive: Thursday through Monday (5 days)
Online coursework expectations:
  • Semi-weekly practicum Zoom sessions (2021-2022 school year)
  • Regular online coursework. Low residency participants should budget about 5 hours per week for online coursework, which is typically organized into four-week chunks, called minimesters. After
    each chunk comes a one-week break. (Contact us for a more detailed schedule) 
  • Two prerequisite online courses.
    •  Montessori Overview ( a fully self-paced course required for anyone who does not  already possess a qualifying  Montessori credential)
    • Introduction to Secondary (click here for more information) 
  • Montessori Overview online course (40 hours, fully self-paced)
  • Introduction to Secondary (click here for more information)
  • Secure required readings: 2 books for Overview, and 4 additional books for minimesters 1-3.
  •  Admission interview with Katie Keller Wood (rolling, scheduled when application process is initiated)
Complete Application deadline: January 28, 2022

The application must be completed in full, including the application fee.

After this deadline, please contact us .  There are multiple section start dates throughout the year for the same in-person summer training. 

Prerequisite coursework begins: January 30, 2022
Not Sure Yet?

Prerequisite and beginning courses (Intro to Secondary Montessori and Montessori Overview) can also be taken for stand-alone PD credit! Click here to learn more or sign up for these stand-alone courses. And don’t worry! If you take one of these two courses now and then choose to enroll for 2021 or 2022, the amount paid for your PD courses will be deducted from your total CMStep tuition bill.