Housing Options

All information on this page will be updates March 2021

Adult learners are responsible for securing their own housing during their summer stays (with the exception of Erdkinder which is included) . As a courtesy we have built relationships with a few Universities to give participants options that we can recommend.

Xavier University Dorms rent by the week. The rate for 2020 is  $210 per person per week. Call 513.745.4203 to answer any questions, download the informational flyer below, or click the button above to register. This year the rooms are apartment style, and over head lighting in the bedrooms is NOT provided, so please plan to bring or purchase your own lamp (you may be able to arrange to borrow one from previous CMStep members local to Cincinnati). 

In the past, most Adult Learners have stayed at Xavier and have had no issues carpooling for classes or trips to the store. One of the classes you attend for CMStep training will be on campus, they offer a meal plan, and early move in for CMStep residents. There is a sand volleyball course on campus, and a grocery store close by.

Xavier also offers a path to get your Masters Degree through your CMStep coursework plus a few additional classes. For any questions about earning graduate credit or earning your Masters of Education Degree contact Julie Kugler Ackley at 513-745-3424 or Montessori@xavier.edu.

University of Cincinnati Dorms rent by the week for $250/week per person (double occupancy) or $350/week per person (single occupancy). To answer any questions contact Maggie Marston at 513-558-1810 or email at Event.services@uc.edu.  Amber Lovett can also answer questions at 513.558.8489 . 

This option is a bit further to travel to the courses but has been well reviewed by those who stayed there. Since at least a few of our learners end up choosing UC housing, carpooling is usually a great option for those who are without transportation.

Click below to download their informational flyer or click above to find out more information and register. 

Be sure to mention in your housing applications that you are part of the Montessori cohort in order to be housed with other CMStep students and be exempted from their 4 week minimum stay requirement. 


Air BnB will have many different rates and availability close and far from the different class locations. It is important to remember that you will be responsible to get to and from class and if you do not have a car this option will limit your ability to carpool. We recommend that Adult learners stay at one of the two university options to experience the community aspect of the training but understand that some people may choose a different housing plan.


I am so glad I decided to stay with my cohort at Xavier instead of commute. We bonded in an amazing way that we could not have done otherwise.

The housing was a typical university, it was nice to be so close to class. It was the most affordable option for our district and ended up working out just fine.

We carpooled everyday. There was always someone getting groceries, headed to get supplies for our projects, or staying late at training. I never missed having my car.