Housing Options

All information on this page was updated on February 7th, 2024.

Adult learners are responsible for securing their own housing during their summer stays (with the exception of the Erdkinder course, which is included). As a courtesy, we have built relationships with a few universities to give participants options that we can recommend.

While adult learners are welcome to make whatever housing arrangements work best for them, many CMStep adult learners choose one of our partner schools for a low-cost option for their in-person summer training. As of February 2024, we are making arrangements for our 2024 Summer cohorts and will have this information distributed no later than April 2024. All adult learners will receive housing information as soon as possible, along with our website. Thank you for your patience!

To review your in-person training dates, please refer to our pacing guides here

Airbnb will have many different rates and availability near and far your different class locations. It is important to remember that you will be responsible to get to and from class and if you do not have a car, this option may limit your ability to carpool. We recommend that adult learners stay at one of the two university options to experience the community aspect of the training, but we understand that some people may choose a different housing plan.


I am so glad I decided to stay with my cohort at Xavier instead of commute. We bonded in an amazing way that we could not have done otherwise.

The housing was a typical university, it was nice to be so close to class. It was the most affordable option for our district and ended up working out just fine.

We carpooled everyday. There was always someone getting groceries, headed to get supplies for our projects, or staying late at training. I never missed having my car.