“I found a community who was committed to making Montessori  accessible to all students, to meeting students where they are, and to matching the needs of their students, school, and community with innovative Montessori practices. “

—Alexa Woodburn, Cohort 12

“The amount of preparation and work that the CMStep intructors went through for each of the courses was also moving. They put into practice the concept of preparing the environment”

—Tarah Miller, Cohort 12

“Mindfulness has been a life-changing experience for me.”

—Gideon Smith,Cohort 12

“I entered training expecting to go a series of seminars and workshops. After a few weeks, I would get a piece of paper that told others of my teaching competence. I could go back to my family, become a lead guide, and go on with my life. I exit training changed in mind, body, and soul…I did not think it possible to enjoy working so hard for something, find myself perpetually exhausted, and then not want it to finish.”

—Blake Minich, Cohort 12

CMStep training has been the most effective teacher training, and the follow up is just as amazing. It’s practical, steeped in research, and taught by veteran teachers who get it just right instructionally. This training has been a wonderful, and total game changer. I’m seeing it make such a difference in my students and my team.”

—Sarah Halstead, Cohort 14


I already have my master’s degree, so I wasn’t sure how much I could gain from another teacher education program. I have been surprised and delighted by the depth and quality of what I have been offered.

Wow! The word training is conspicuously inadequate to describe the experience I just went through.

One of the greatest growth experiences I have engaged in at the CMStep training, was the wonderful community our cohort formed.

Among many other things I have learned to create better transitions, set intentions and express gratitude with my students, create the opportunity for reflection and silence, make food preparation a consistent part of the program, and to make the space for students to lead and own the program.

CMStep has transformed me. I am a better educator, far more organized and intentional about my craft. I have a sense of direction that is fueled by the passion I bring to the classroom and I feel that the structures I have learned during my time with CMStep have prepared me to be a more impactful educator. 

I have a Montessori upper level credential and one of the great parts of this program for me has been learning what cosmic education for the adolescent can look like. I’m glad it doesn’t end at age 12!