Tuition & Fees

Secondary Teacher Education Program Fees

  1. Registration fee – $800.00 (To be submitted with the application.) Registration fee includes AMS and MACTE fees.
  2. Program and Materials fee – $9,050.00 (Due in full before the course cycle begins in June unless other arrangements have been made at the time that the application is submitted.)

Program and Materials fee includes:

  • Tuition for all CMStep courses and Intensives
  • Reasonable expenses for adult learner site visits and consultation (1 visit during the practicum year, 1 extensive video consultation in winter of the practicum year, and a final visit in the fall of the school year that follows the final summer of the training program)
  • Books and materials (Books and supplies are provided by CMStep with the exception of any books assigned to be read before the summer course begins.)
  • Room and board for both Fall and Winter Intensives and the Erdkinder course

Not included:

  • Room and board for the duration of the summer training (with the exception of the Erdkinder course, for which room and board are covered by CMStep)
  • Graduate credit from Xavier University

For the Montessori Leadership Course fees, please visit here.