Contributor’s Name: Carrie Tilton
This cycle of study includes general and math specific lessons and activities for a small, private Montessori middle school program. The kick-off and culminating activities tie to the theme and humanities content of the Coming of Humans. The Outside Opportunity takes us to the University of Louisville’s Center for Archaeologica and Cultural Heritage where we will meet with staff to compare the physiological characteristics and technologies of early humans.

Other lessons focus on math content and include the Story of Numerals, Timeline of Numbers, ancient number systems, modern number system, and operations with rational numbers. The project leads students through the research and development of a potential product for student business and includes application of unit rate, mean, and proportional and linear relationships. The seminar is “The Feeling of Power”, a short story by Asimov in which he imagines a future where people rely on computers for even basic mathematical operations.
Geared Towards seventh, eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Math
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: Hands of the Community
Seminar Title: The Feeling of Power
Group Initiative: Znorlian – Decoding an Ancient Number System
Project: Product Proposal
Discussion Topics: Early humans, number systems, order of operations, operations with rational numbers
Outside Opportunity: Visit to University of Louisville’s Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

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