Contributor’s Name: Mark Beams
Major topics covered include: Ecology, Climate Change, & Evolution.
Ecology: predator/prey studies, invasive species, ecosystem dynamics.
Climate change: science, renewable energy, green architecture, individual and collective action.
Evolution: human ancestors, evolutionary pressures, dichotomous keys, adaptations.

Geared Towards ninth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Science

Kick off: Beams CMSTEP Thematic: Kick-Off
Seminar Title: Beams CMSTEP Seminar Text; Clustered Questions; Guidelines & Self-Assessment & Tracking Tool
Group Initiative: Beams CMSTEP Thematic: Group Initiative
Project: Beams CMSTEP Project Packet
Discussion Topics: Interdependence
Outside Opportunity: Beams CMSTEP Brief Description of Outside Opportunity

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