Contributor’s Name: Mandee Ailsworth
This COS includes a semester 1 study game based on Scattegories, a lesson plan on slope, a lesson plane on the coordinate plan, special centers of triangles shelfwork, an outing to Colonial Williamsburg, a lesson on values, a lesson using a story from “The Deep Well of Time”, my cycle 2 cover sheet, a project about math careers, the VA SOLs, my calendar, a seminar about manatees with questions, and a semester 1 reflection with a citizenship rubric. Enjoy!
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Math
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: Culminating Activity – Scattegories
Seminar Title: How Many Manatees are There? There’s an Algorithm for That.
Group Initiative: See Culminating Activity
Project: Careers in Math
Discussion Topics: Linear Equations, Slope, Algorithms, Sustainability, Citizenship
Outside Opportunity: Walk to Colonial Williamsburg

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