Contributor’s Name: Kelly Flynn-Putiri
This is the cycle where we explore genetics, immigration, race, gender, and all other factors that make up one’s identity.
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Arts,Curriculum – Group Initiatives,Curriculum – Math
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: Identity Video & discussion
Seminar Title: “Stephen Hawking Said ‘Superhumans’ Will Replace Us. Was He Right?”
Group Initiative: 4 on a couch
Project: mARTh – Compass Creations
Discussion Topics: Math: 7th years – area & circumference of a circle, ratio & rates with c/f, d.f & %; 8th years – Slope, proportional & linear relationships, y=mx+b, equations; Algebra I – exponential & quadratic functions; function vs. non-functions, domain & range
Outside Opportunity: Reginald A. Lewis Museum, Baltimore, MD

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