Contributor’s Name: Shannon Quay
In this intersession, we will think about our relationship with the Earth in two ways: how to recreate and how to renew. Our role will need to transform from the “conqueror of the land” to “plain member and citizen of it” (Leopold). There are countless ways to be outside, and we want to explore how to have fun outdoors responsibly. We will consider tenants like zero-low waste and Leave No Trace as well as inner commitments to pay attention (to birds! And trees!) and take risks. We will recreate in Red River Gorge: hiking, camping, bouldering, and canoeing and also renew: trail work and volunteering on a farm.
Geared Towards ninth,tenth,eleventh,twelfth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Field Studies
Tags: camp

Kick off: opening ceremony-story telling and dying handkerchiefs with natural materials
Seminar Title: “Outdoors for All”
Group Initiative: electric shock
Project: Ted Talk exploring one of the discussion topics
Discussion Topics: Leave No Trace, Zero Waste, Outdoor Access as a Human Right
Outside Opportunity: Red River Gorge, Salamander Springs (farm), Clear Creek School House (farm)

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