Contributor’s Name: Phillip Roebuck
Students continue their study of Geometry during the second cycle of the year. Topics covered include:
1. Congruence and correspondence
2. Triangle congruence theorems
3. Proofs
4. Dilations and scale factor
5. Similar figures
6. Trigonometry

Students have three choices of a mini-project, two of which focus on resource distribution and fairness (using the concepts of scale factor and dilations), and the third of which asks students to use trigonometry and indirect measurement to estimate the height of real world objects. We also do a field experience at the Escape Room Family, a seminar on the differences between helping, fixing, and serving, and examine the question of moral circles using several different guiding texts.
Geared Towards ninth,tenth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Math

Kick off: Bill Simmons on the value of “reps”
Seminar Title: Helping, Fixing, or Serving?
Group Initiative: The Amazing Shrinking Blanket
Project: Resource Distribution and Fairness, or How Tall is That Thing?
Discussion Topics: Geometry Content; Helping/Fixing/Serving; Moral Circles and How we decide who or what we care about
Outside Opportunity: Escape Room Family

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