Contributor’s Name: Derek Starkenburg
This is the third cycle of study for science at Montessori Community School: The Science Expo. Students are guided to come up with a testable question in an area of personal interest and answer that question by designing an experiment and following the steps of the scientific method. Students ultimately produce a presentation board, a formal paper in the style of a publishable journal article, and a teaching material to help convey their most salient points to visitors of a range of ages. Students present their projects on Grandparents and Special Friends Day.
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Science
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: The Science Expo: What is an expo?
Seminar Title: “The Scientific Method: A Need for Something New?” by M. Castillo in American Journal of Neuroradiology ( )
Group Initiative: Diagramming the Scientific Method
Project: Science Expo Project (presentation board, journal article, and teaching material)
Discussion Topics: Testable questions, purpose of science, scientific method, publishable journal articles, how science enables advancement in the quality of life for others
Outside Opportunity: Conference/advice from professors at local universities, including students from NCCU campus

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Middle School