Contributor’s Name: Emily Westerling
My thematic components examine our cycle of Stewardship. These include the cover letter, group initiative, kick-off and culminating activity. My academic components examine the theme of Independence/Interdependence. This includes all the academic content in physical science studying forces and motions and also the Socratic Seminar, The Making of a Scientist, by Richard Feynman. The science content is aligned with the Ohio State Learning Standards for Science.
Geared Towards seventh,eighth
Curriculum: Curriculum – Science
Tags: Middle School

Kick off: Helping Hands
Seminar Title: “The Making of a Scientist” Richard Feynman
Group Initiative: Fingertip Hula-Hoop
Project: Physics Forces Aliens
Discussion Topics: How we depend on ourselves and one another. How we can be stewards of our environment. How we can recognize science as questioning and wondering. How forces can affect the motion of an object.
Outside Opportunity: Reds Baseball Game

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Middle School