Instructor’s Name: Christy Highland, Amanda Herrera Gundale, Melissa Koubousek

As your time at Parkway is ending, and you begin to look ahead to high school, this final field experience will be a testament of all of the leadership skills you have acquired during the past two years. This is a challenge by choice. Your mettle and grit will be tested as well as your physical endurance and your ability to communicate with your peers. We will be doing a field experience at Base Camp at Fort Snelling. Base Camp will allow the students to have the opportunity to challenge themselves, broaden their horizons, work collaboratively, fail, and yet try again and succeed through effort. The activities will engage the body’s senses in the learning process. This will lead to a higher level of engagement and retention. During their experience at Base Camp, students will be taking on the high ropes course, the space shuttle simulator and climbing the rock walls. They will take away the knowledge that they can succeed in high school and in life if they are willing to try again to conquer their adversities .

Theme: Resilience and Leadership

Geared toward ages: 12-14

    Kick off: Seminar and Resiliency statement
    Seminar Title: A Carrot, An Egg and a Coffee Bean

Discussion Topics: Resiliency, Leadership

Group Initiative: Ship Island