Instructor’s Name: Marshall Herbst

This field study immerses students in the wonder of nature through a four-day focused study of Land, Water, and Air. Students will work with their hands, unearthing the bounty of the land through dedicated work at a local organic farm, and by preparing their own meals. Students will experience the majesty and power of water by plunging themselves into the rich history and setting of the Nantahala river, and will serve as stewards of the environment. Finally, students will reach new heights, experience fantastic views, challenge themselves, and work together to uncover the importance of servant leadership through group building activities and high ropes initiatives.

Theme: Land, Water, Air

Geared toward ages: High School

    Kick off: —
    Seminar Title: Walden

Discussion Topics: Nature, Land, Air, Water

Group Initiative: High Ropes

Project: —-

Outside Opportunity: Camp Nantahala