Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Kelli McIntosh

The third week of school, students will be leaving school one morning headed to an environmental education center on the Chesapeake Bay. Then camping at night (maybe tents, maybe cabins). Day two includes a visit to Historic London Town and Gardens where students will learn about what life was like in colonial times in this geographical area. Students will reflect on how things have changed over time in terms of human population and behavior as well as the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Theme: Change

Geared toward ages: 12-14

    Kick off: linking chains and setting intensions
    Seminar Title: Dam Hetch Hetchy

Discussion Topics: conservation vs preservation

Group Initiative: Ship to Shore/Hello Sailor – Chesapeake Bay variation

Project: n/a

Outside Opportunity: canoeing, tree planting, water quality testing, environmental science activities

    Author’s note: this is the first complete field study I’ve ever planned 🙂 🙂