Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Virginia (Ginny) Applegate

You will find Kick-Off activity, All Seminar Components, a Group Initiative, a mini-Project, 4 lesson plans (academic one is adding fractions), Procedural lesson is about restoring the environment, and the Montessori lesson includes Kohlberg’s Moral development stage, the culminating activity is taking recipes and enlarging the ingredients to serve 100 people then cooking them and sharing or selling., the checklist and cover page, the outside activity visits a local bakery.

Theme: Sense of Belongin

Geared toward ages: 11-12

    Kick off: The Mystery Bag
    Seminar Title: The Beau Catcher

Discussion Topics: Confidence

Group Initiative: Smaug’s Jewels

Project: Reducing fractions

Outside Opportunity: Visit Bakery

    Author’s note: Virginia Applegate