Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Mandee Ailsworth

In this cycle 1 work you will find: a sample geometry checklist, a sample algebra checklist, my cycle 1 cover sheet, a daily participation rubric, an endangered species project, a participation rubric for math lab, a lesson plan for teaching the Drake Equation, procedures for coming and going in math class, my seminar guidelines, “Flatland” seminar questions, my seminar note-taking sheet, my single point rubric for seminar with self reflection, the story “Yonder Mountain” with guiding questions (solo introduction), a group initiative that I created inspired by Doctor Who, “The Point, Line, Plane, and Solid” story from the Deep Well of Time with lesson plan for use with manipulatives, two nature activities (a kick off and a culminating) related to dimension, a narrative for my opportunity outside of the classroom, and a cosmic education lesson called “Linking Math and Peace”.

Mandee Ailsworth

Theme: Dimension

Geared toward ages: 12 – 15

    Kick off: Natural Tower
    Seminar Title: Flatland

Group Initiative: Weeping Angels Tag

Project: Endangered Species

Outside Opportunity: Ullman Sails Virginia