Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Alanna Maloney

This cycle of study features lessons from my Literary Lexicon series of books that I created for my Middle School team to use as out vocabulary texts. It includes several lessons of 10 vocab words and a constructivist words matris whic shows how the words were made using Greek and Latin roots as well as affixes.There is shelfwork/cardsort materail included. As an assesment students choose a Lexicon 9 Green(formative) and Violet (summative) to build/show evidence of their mastery of the material.I have also included the materials I created for our Stewardship Service Learning.

Theme: Stewardship

Geared toward ages: 12-15

    Kick off: Service Learning Prep Day
    Seminar Title: Dirt! The Movie

Group Initiative: Recycle Toss

Project: Service Learning Project

Outside Opportunity: Service Learning Farms/Gardens/Urban Green Spaces