Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Gretchen Lupica

Cycle of Study for Science (Geology) with Transformation as a Theme.
Cover Sheet: Transformation theme
Kick-off and Culmination tied together in a letter writing/reading Format.
Seminar on Isaac Asimov’s “Rain Rain Go Away”.
Opportunity Outside: Hiking and Geology sketching
Rubric for Opportunity Outside: Hiking Metaphor
Group Initiative: Prop Transformation
Project Packet: Timanogos Cave Exploration (Off-site field exploration) – reflection, experiments, ini-quiz, matching (NPS.Gov)
Lesson 1: First Great Lesson
Lesson 2: Seven Gateways
Shelf Work related to Seven Gateways
Lesson 3: Geologic Timeline Impressionistic Lesson
Lesson 4: Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Procedure

Theme: Transformation

Geared toward ages: Middle School

Kick off

    : Letter Writing Activity

Seminar Title

    : “Rain Rain Go Away”

Discussion Topics: Transformation, Us vs Them (Seminar

Group Initiative: Prop Transformation

Project: Timpanogos Cave – Off Site Field Study

Outside Opportunity: Ensign Peak Hike Geology sketching