Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Lucy Eaton, Ph.D.

This semester-long cycle of study focuses on concepts from 7th grade science, including forces, motion, energy transfer, simple machines, atmosphere, and weather. This cycle contains lessons on potential and kinetic energy, using a Great Lesson to introduce Earth’s atmosphere, and a two-week project for student groups to create Rube Goldberg machines.

Theme: Balance; 7th & 8th grade Science

Geared toward ages: Ages 12-14

Kick off

    : Nail Balance Activity

Seminar Title

    : Global Warming

Discussion Topics: Climate Change, Forces & Motion, the Creation of Earth’s Atmosphere

Group Initiative: Balance Relay Races

Project: Rube Goldberg Machines

Outside Opportunity: “The Physics of Roller Coasters” Education Day at Carowinds Theme Park

Author’s note

    : This is a second semester cycle of study as a colleague has developed the first semester’s cycle (Identity).