Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Kristin Simonson

This cycle of study includes a variety of earth science fields, including geology, hydrology, astronomy, and climatology. Activities include a focus on MN geologic identity, Earth’s geologic timeline, astronomers’ contributions to our understanding of Earth’s identity, and humans’ role in climate change.

Theme: Identity

Geared toward ages: 11-14

    Kick off: MN Identity Project and Personal Connection
    Seminar Title: World Leaders Call for Action on Climate Change

Discussion Topics: How might climate change affect the identity of Earth? Is it normal for identities to change or evolve (think about your identity)? Do you think what is happening to Earth is a normal change; explain?

Group Initiative: I like People who…

Project: Geologic Timeline Period Brochure- Journey Back in Time

Outside Opportunity: Field Study to Fort Snelling