Contributor’s Name (Your Name): George Michael Hakim

Multiple ways to look at the theme of exploration, from a study of literature about immigration to analyzing children’s picturebooks from an advanced perspective.

Theme: Exploration

Geared toward ages: 12-14

Kick off

    : Bafa Bafa

Seminar Title

    : Every Day We Get More Illegal

Discussion Topics: What makes a good piece of visual art? Should immigration be made easier, harder? What privileges do we have in our own country that are not automatically extended to immigrants? What is the difference between “immigrant” and “ex-pat”?

Group Initiative: Chocolate River

Project: Create a Picturebook

Outside Opportunity: Forced From Home

Author’s note

    : The picturebook project was one I did in graduate school, but it’s just as appropriate (and the results are just as incredible) in middle school.