Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Anthony DiRenzo

This extended-day field study to Philadelphia has three main purposes:
*A museum study of Independence hall and the Constitution Center
*A neighborhood study of Old City (to compare to previous study of Brooklyn)
*Observe how to plan a city experience for the 8th graders to plan their end of year trip.

Theme: Revolution and Evolution

Geared toward ages: 12-14

    Kick off: Make a clay representation of what you are bringing to your team
    Seminar Title: The Declaration of Independence

Discussion Topics: The American Revolution, Neighborhood Studies, planning city experiences

Group Initiative: Write your John Hancock with tape and a marker

Project: neighborhood study of Old City Philadelphia

Outside Opportunity: Museums, lunch at Reading Terminal, planned neighborhood study, dinner research and budget

    Author’s note: This extended-day trip is for my Brooklyn-based middle school.