Instructor’s Name: Kent Miller

Students will participate in a seminar introducing the concept of Guerrilla Gardening as a means to promote social, environmental, and community change. Then students will learn current environmental, landscape, plant, and insect research for a Minnesota climate through a learning experience at the U of Minnesota agricultural campus. After that students will locate an area of ground in their community that could use a change. Students will plan, design, and prepare materials for a guerrilla gardening experience that will take place by pod later in the spring. Students will be able to serve their community by creating a change in their own space. Through collaboration and teamwork students will develop a sense of place with the garden that they have created.

Theme: Civil Disobedience

Geared toward ages: 12, 11, 13

    Kick off: Popsicle Triangle
    Seminar Title: Civil Disobedience

Discussion Topics: Peace, Guerrilla Gardening

Group Initiative: Pass the Word

Project: Create a Guerrilla Garden

Outside Opportunity: Visit to University

    Author’s note: Lots of planning but fun and students like it