Instructor’s Name: Barb Scholtz

For use after ones’ participation in Winter Intensive.

This work includes video information for preparation, other preparation activities, a student work packet, and debriefing ideas that we used in class. Work will need to be revised to your own situation, and the debriefing “plans” are for us to use with you. You’ll notice that they may not have been used as written. Again, they’ll need to be revised.

Theme: Leadership & Listening OR Interdependence

Geared toward ages: Any

    Kick off: Film clip – To The Limit
    Seminar Title: The Drum Major Instinct

Discussion Topics: What is leadership? Who is a leader? What types of risks are acceptable and necessary?

Group Initiative: Climbing at Climb Time

Project: Completion of the packet

Outside Opportunity: Going to Climb Time

    Author’s note: I really need to revise the way we went through the packet. There was too much sitting, not enough opportunity to allow participants to be active. My goal for 2016!!