Instructor’s Name: Barb Scholtz & Clark Montessori JH Team

This science/biology work is what we use to prepare students for the Andros Island field study. It can be used in conjunction with the preparation work by the social studies teacher around government and cultural studies of the Bahamas.

Math work is not included; however, we incorporate review work on rates (for driving distances/planning) and calculating percentages (for tipping) as well as cover population estimates and budgeting/keeping a running record of expenses.

As part of science work, we learn to read and use a field guide. We also read and discuss several non-fiction items as well as The Cay by Theodore Taylor. This is a lower level reading book, to ensure that everyone has success. It’s excellent preparation for plants and critters they’ll see on Andros.

Theme: Leadership Through Stewardship OR Acquiring a Sense of Belonging (alternate years for 8th graders)

Geared toward ages: Middle School

    Kick off: IMax Movie: Coral Reefs; Survey/Interviews of peers
    Seminar Title: The Cay (and others…)

Project: Completion of the packet

Outside Opportunity: Several occur during the last week before the trip.

    Author’s note: Gratitude for the work of the Clark Montessori founders who taught us all how to do this big work!