Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Michael Miller

Field study materials included here fall in the context of a graduate educational psychology course delivered to school counselors in training during a month long summer course. The field study component which falls near the end of the calendar document, outlines a group neighborhood study graduate students must complete as a culminating activity. This group project must include: effects on neighborhoods of natural and man-made elements, community assets and evidence of a neighborhood’s individual & collective visions, values and aspirations. Six hours community service must also be completed by each group member.

Theme: Place

Geared toward ages: Graduate Students studying to be school counselors

    Kick off: Spaghetti Challenge
    Seminar Title: How to Mark a Book

Discussion Topics: Seminar expectations and guidelines as a scaffold to conduct seminars throughout the course

Group Initiative: Egg Drop

Project: Self selected, dependent on needs of assigned neighborhood networks

Outside Opportunity: Neighborhood network field study and community service requirement

    Author’s note: This materials represent a developing cycle of study with a field study component