Contributor’s Name: Kristin Dennis
Course of Study from CMSTEP Summer Intensive 1, created for 11th and 12th grade English class. Our content focus this year is World Literature, and our cycle theme is Purposeful Collaboration. Students will begin the year with poetry, as we interrogate what the distinctions “American” and “World” literature even mean in a country of immigrants, in a time of globalization. Students will choose to a read about characters not living in the United States, working collaboratively in small groups. We will complete the semester with a group research project. Throughout the semester, we will practice collaboration in our procedures, projects, and in our field studies. We will use the Third Great Lesson: The Coming of Humans and Peace Education as foundational texts to move our focus from the microcosm of our classroom, to the greater purpose of living in community and working for world peace.
Geared Towards tenth,eleventh,twelfth
Curriculum: Curriculum – English,Curriculum – Group Initiatives

Kick off: Class Poem
Seminar Title: Personal History (Poem)
Group Initiative: Count to 20
Project: Group Research Project
Discussion Topics: What does it mean to live in community? Is America a nation of immigrants? What distinguishes American Literature from World Literature? Is the literary canon problematic? How can reading increase our empathy? How can we serve the greater good without sacrificing what makes us unique? How can we acknowledge and analyze bias? How can we work together to solve problems?
Outside Opportunity: World Fest

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