Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Mary Jane Milette

The Baltimore Inner Harbor is situated at the mouth of Jones Falls Watershed. Everyday, a huge quantity of trash accumulates in this city’s recreational attraction. Students will immerse themselves in protecting the watershed by collecting garbage in the harbor twice a year in Fall and Spring. The garbage collected will be sorted as recyclable and non-recyclable. The recyclable garbage will be brought to recycling centers, and the non-recyclable ones will be dumped accordingly at the right locations. They will also interview local residents and tourists about their source of livelihood and the type of garbage they produce most daily.

Theme: Circle of Life

Geared toward ages: Middle School

    Kick off: Reflection on Roles of Organisms
    Seminar Title: Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out

Discussion Topics: Recycling Garbage

Group Initiative: Complete the Circle

Project: Making Recyclable Projects

Outside Opportunity: Planting Herbs and Flowers for Sale/Recycling Garbage in School

    Author’s note: This field study ties up with the curriculum in Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.