Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Mary Jane Milette

It is with the aspiration that the lessons in this cycle can provide “the soul of education… which is the education of the soul” of young people. The gateway leading to this reality is the yearning for deep connection. It describes a quality of relationship that involves feelings of belongingness of adolescents, or of being truly seen and known. Students will experience deep connection to themselves and with others with clarity and meaning in this theme, Circle of Life. It will address the question of the inner life in the classroom that can usher to success eventually. It will help them appreciate the value of life itself.

Theme: Circle of Life

Geared toward ages: 12-13

    Kick off: My Niche
    Seminar Title: What’s Life?

Discussion Topics: Heredity, From Molecule to Organisms, Ecosystems, Evolution, The Great Lessons, Expressions and Equations, Our Colonial Heritage, A New Nation

Group Initiative: Complete the Circle

Project: Science Fair Project

Outside Opportunity: National Museum of Natural History – Q?rius Collections Challenge

    Author’s note: This is a week cycle with the Theme: Circle of Life and the Gateway: Yearning for Deep Connection