Instructor’s Name: Jannette Delgado

This course aims to promote, explore and induce ongoing study of the historical and human connections through Cosmic Education. It also tends to the needs of the adolescent based on the Seven Gateways to the Soul of Education: the yearning for deep connection and the search for meaning and purpose. We will visit three churches in Washington, NC to study:
 Historical background and architecture/art of their building and people related with their creation while finding connections that impact the way music is produced.
 Impact of the music and lyrics utilized to maintain or attract followers which is the working terrain of this course.
 The musical instruments, the math behind the tempo, and rhythm, and the science in the harmony of voices.

Theme: Changes-Music- Spirituality

Geared toward ages: Middle School 7-8th grades

    Kick off: Musical Mosaic (Opening Ceremony)
    Seminar Title: Music & Spirituality

Discussion Topics: • Explore the concepts of : change, soul, worship, lyrics, fire to determine cycles and connections.

Group Initiative: Flying Fish

Project: When we see a part of the community offering service, we wish to give back as a way to acknowledge their efforts. In order to follow through you will go with your team and create a Singing Cleaning and Landscaping Crew.

Outside Opportunity: Visit and study churches, structure, music ad community

    Author’s note: Culminating activity includes Fundraiser and choir singing.