Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Derek Starkenburg

Students will learn that a straight west-to-east jet stream exists as a balance of two forces (the pressure gradient force and the Coriolis force– the latter being a fictitious force). Students explore each force through a hands-on demonstration that includes shelf work, and then put the pieces together at the end of the lesson.

The jet stream plays a large role in the weather we experience in central North Carolina, and understanding its nature is part of understanding our place.

Theme: People, Places, and Environment: Where Am I?

Geared toward ages: 13-14

Kick off

    : Pin-a-Place

Seminar Title

    : Baby Deer

Group Initiative: How Well Do You Know Your Place?

Project: Hillsborough Place Study Final Presentation

Outside Opportunity: Meteorology Expert to Visit Classroom

Author’s note

    : Interdisciplinary with: math, science, social studies